Employers in your local communities want to welcome you to their team – and we know who they are. Your Employment Liaison will help you identify your skills and challenges, and create an employment plan tailored to your needs. The Liaison will help you match your goals to available job openings, help you with the application process and make sure the job is right for you. Our job coaches will support you once you get the job, to make sure you’re learning the required skills, and that you and your employer is satisfied with your performance.


Transitional Employment

If you aren’t quite ready to apply for work at a local business, try working for us while you develop your skills through classes, job fairs, and a variety of “on the job” experiences. We offer positions in light manufacturing, materials handling, and commercial janitorial as well as in commercial food service, catering, and baking.


Vocational Assessment and Skill Development

Knowing your strengths and interests is key to your career success. We assess these interests in a variety of settings, using a variety of methods including “traditional” evaluation, short-term evaluation, and trial work experience. Our highly trained staff will work with you and your referral source to customize a plan for you. Assessment can take as little as a couple of days, or several weeks, depending upon your unique needs. Once we determine your work aptitudes and interests, we’ll help you develop the work habits that will help you succeed in any job.


Youth Transition

High school students may participate in this program part time or full time, based on their IEP (Individualized Education Plan), and can rotate through paid internships with local businesses. Classroom job readiness activities are also provided.

Youth Transition meets all the requirements under WIOA (Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act) for youth: Job Exploration Counseling; Guidance and Counseling on Vocational Training Programs; Workplace Readiness Training, and Instruction in Self-Advocacy. These components are woven into classroom instruction and the work site experiences, making the transition process after graduation smoother and more satisfying.