Pre-Employment Transition Services (Pre-ETS)
Paid Internship Program Information


Requirements for Participation

  • 14-21 years of age and enrolled in school (generally high school or college)
  • Have an IEP or 504 plan, or be deemed as potentially eligible or eligible by
    the New Jersey Division of Vocational Rehabilitation Services (DVR).

    • DVR will conduct a brief intake to determine eligibility for all

Application Process

  1. Contact us to begin the application process. We will assist you with completion of the appropriate forms to be submitted to DVR. or (856) 848-1025 x165
  2. DVR will schedule a brief intake to determine eligibility for services.
  3. Students who are eligible or potentially eligible for DVR services will receive a DVR Participant ID# so you can start your program with us. * During your intake with DVR, request Abilities Solutions! *

Intake and Orientation

  • Intake Record completion with Skills Trainer
  • Discussion of transportation availability/options (for placement purposes)
  • Discussion of technology availability/options (for training options)
  • Discussion of potential need for accommodations
  • Arrange for benefits counseling, if needed/requested
  • Completion of Working Papers, for those under age 18
  • Completion of I-9 and W-4 (so you can get paid!)

Compensation and Benefits of the Internship Program Pre-training

 3 hours each and $100 compensated for each topic.

  • Job Exploration Counseling– explore the student’s top career
    interests and the pathways to their interests.
  • Workplace Readiness Training– Discuss Social/Interpersonal Skills,
    Independent Living Skills, and Interview Skills, and develop a resume.
  • Instruction in Self-Advocacy– Discuss Self-Awareness, Disability Disclosure, Accommodations, Self-Determination, Employment Rights and Responsibilities, and the importance of having and setting goals; have students set personal work goals.
  • Clothing Allowance– Student participants will receive $150 clothing allowance for the purchase of interview and work appropriate attire.
  • Internship– 150 hours of paid work at an internship site ($18/hr.)
  • Post-Training– Review of Pre-Training topics and discussion of applicable experiences at the internship worksite. 3 sessions at 3 hours each, $100 compensated for each session.
  • Total monetary compensation- $100 per trainings ($600 total!), $150 for clothing allowance, and $18/hr. for 150 hours of completed work.

Expectations of Coaching and Hours

  • It is expected that the student participant will not require extensive
    coaching to work successfully, but this will depend on the individual and
    the site employer.
  • Regular check-ins occur from coach to student.
  • Hours do not need to be completed consecutively. Hours can stop and start
    as needed as long 150 hours are completed.

Interested or have questions?

Contact Nichole Stewart at (856) 848-1025 ext.165 or
email to